Are you an experienced glassblower or artist who needs a space to work? We offer a variety of rental options.

If you plan on renting the studio on a regular basis, we invite you to become a Friend of Berlin Glas e.V. with the Studio Bear level membership. The cost is 150€/ year (tax-deductible) and includes the following (all prices are net): 

Hot-Shop (experienced glassblowers only): Our rate for members is 120€/ hr. and includes one assistant but no specialty gasses like mapp or oxygen/propane. If you need them, we will invoice afterward. Glass is invoiced following production at 3€/kg.  The non-member hourly rate with an assistant is 150€.

Kilns: the kilns are 25€ per 24hrs for members. For non-members, it’s 50€. 

Cold-Shop: 25€/hr. includes the use of all machines/ materials except for the lathe.  Non-member rate is 50€/hr. 

Studio use (to make moulds, etc.): free for members and 25€/ day for non-members.

Storage: free for members and 30€/ month for non-members.

Send us an email if you would like to book a rental and/ or become a Friend of Berlin Glas e.V. and benefit from the membership!