When cultures collide, art serves as the ideal language to foster a culture of peace!

In May 2016, Berlin Glas was approached by the organizers of Multaka: Museum as Meeting Point – Refugees as Guides in Berlin Museums to teach six monthly workshops at the Berlin Glas studio. Multaka is a collaboration between four of the State Museums in Berlin: The Museum of Islamic Art, The Museum of Ancient Sculpture, the Byzantine Collection, and the German Historical Museum. Multaka invites Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be trained as museum guides so that they can then provide guided museum tours for Arabic-speaking refugees in their native language.

The workshops create mutual exchanges and opportunities for participants to get to know one another. Museum objects will serve as starting point for participants to reflect on their own cultural backgrounds, as well as present the opportunity to strengthen cultural awareness and sensitivity by helping refugees learn about German culture and history.

2024 Workshops
9-10 February: Let’s Talk About It

2023 Workshops
3-4 March:
 Women Life Freedom: women in ancient art 
19-20 March: Message in the Material

2022 Workshops
23 July: 
Me You We Berlin: collaboration with Transaidency e.V.

2021 Workshops
28 April: Me You We Berlin: collaboration with Transaidency e.V.
25 June: Me You We Berlin: collaboration with Transaidency e.V.
28 August: Me You We Berlin: collaboration with Transaidency e.V.

2020 Workshops
April 18 & 19: canceled due to COVID-19
July 10 & 12: canceled due to COVID-19
October 9 & 10: Compositions in Human Interactions & Sound
November 27 & 28: canceled due to COVID-19

2019 Workshops
March 01 -02: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: sculpting with found glass (partially sponsored by Creative Europe)
May 03 -04: Painting on Glass
September 20-21: Textiles in Glass
November 29-30: Sculpting it Backwards: sand casting with pâte de Verre (partially sponsored by Creative Europe)

2018 Workshops

7 workshops in 2018 – what a year! Huge thanks and big love to EVERYONE who made the workshops shine! All was made possible by support from the Robert Bosch Foundation and of course the participants!

January 26-28: Mold-Blowing (Julius Weiland & Jesse Günther)
March 23 – 24: Fusing Glas (Silvia Levenson)
May 25 – 26: Painting on Glas (Jeff Zimmer)
July 13 – 14: Sand Casting (Anna Mlasowsky)
September 7 – 8: Screenprinting on recycled Glass (Silvia Levenson)
November 23 – 24: Painting on Glas (Sofía Villamarín)
December 14 – 16: Mold-Blowing (Berlin Glas Team)

Previous Workshops in 2016-2017

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Glass Fusing with Silvia Levenson – 06-07.10.2017

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Cold Construction with Madisyn Zabel – 21-23.07.2017

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Mold-Making / Mold-Blowing with the Berlin Glas team – 02-04.06.2017

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Glass Fusing with Silvia Levenson – 07-08.04.2017

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Painting with enamels on Glass
– 17-18.12.2016

Jeff Zimmer guided this workshop with step-by-step instruction through fired glass painting. Imagery can add a new dimension to glass, enabling us to create lines, pattern, texture, shading and narrative. In just a matter of hours, participants learned the techniques and skills needed to cut glass, use enamels and make layered images.

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Mold-Blowing Workshop – 14-16.10.2016

Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Mosaic Workshop – 17 -18.09.2016
Our third Multaka workshop was on the ancient art of mosaic making. We began the weekend at the Bode Museum with a fantastic tour of the Byzantine galleries, and the next day, Kate Nixon showed us how to cut tesserae, design and make a mosaic panel! The glass and supplies for this workshop were donated by LambertsGlas – Glashuette Lamberts Waldsassen, Germany …and Kate Nixon who went shopping the week before to make sure we had all the right tools and colors.
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Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Fusing Workshop – 13 -14.08.2016
The participants were divided into two groups and asked to make two collaborative drawings. They then made individual fused-glass panels based on their own experience in the Pergamon collections the day before. The result: each one of the glass panels was unique and yet connected to form a larger mural.
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Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum Mold-Blowing Workshop – 29 – 31.07.2016
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